Nikitin Kirill

Phone (cell): +7 (905) 762-70-09
Personal website:
Moscow, Russia
Date of birth: 08.07.1980


1998 - 2004 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Special machinery. Flight Dynamics and Movement Control, Graduate with honours
2009 Cisco ICND2, Cisco Systems Network Academy, Certificate of degree
2009 Cisco BSCI, Cisco Systems Network Academy, Certificate of degree
2009 Cisco QoS, Cisco Systems Network Academy, Certificate of degree
2010 - 2013 Czech for foreigners, Foreign Language School in Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Certificate of degree
09.06.2011 Czech Language Certificate Exam - Level A2, Certificate.

Work experience

03.2014 - present JSC Electronics and Engineering
Support for Russian Pension fund network and services.

Current contract includes 84 sites in different regions equipped with Cisco and Juniper network equipment, Cisco and Avaya phone systems (VoIP and traditional), Polycom and Huawei video comferencing.

  • Network engineers coordination amd managment
  • 2nd and 3nd level support of all equipment
  • Network monitoring and audit of current network
  • Fixing all VoIP problems
  • Fixing all video conference problems
  • Contractors Managment
  • Chief consultant on technology of CEO end Executive Team of Russian Pension Fund
02.2014 - present JSC Telecom Guard
Working with on of the key customer - Aeroflot Russian Airlines.
  • 2nd level support for company network and customers.
  • Audit of company network and network services.
  • Making of network modernization project, including network redesign, equipment and technology selection.

Network modernization project includes current network audit information, gathered from current infrastructure, description of all problems, new network design and technology description, equipment specification and pricing. Also was made few presentation materials for CEO and CTO.

06.2012 - 02.2014 Private practice
IT Consulting in different telecom spheres such as IP Telefony, IP networking, IP TV and Data Centers.

Key projects:
Data Center for Russian Railways

Second stage of DC building for Russian Railways. Second stage includes 20 racks for 350KVa of power. PUE about 1.3. Gathering requirements from customer. Choosing verndors, equipment and contractors for different systems. Also in this project was made many corrections of existing data center.

Internet translation fo "Rally Masters Show 2013"

Gathering requirements from Customer. Solution design and choosing contractors for implementation.

VoIP telephony for commercial bank

Overall system desing. Choosing and configuring all the equipment for all branches.
VoIP system based on 3 Asterisk servers, about 700 custemer phones (mainly AudioCodes and GrandStream), few VoIP gatewais (GrandStream, AddPac, Mediant). Also headoffice was equipped with DECT phone system based on KIRK solution.
Support for all system for more then a year including relationships with providers and customers.

Call-center for commercial bank

Overall system design, configuration and programming all interfaces. Design and implementation of report and statistical systems for call-center.

Design Data Center for Russian Cargo Railways

Gathering requirements from customer. Choosing verndors, equipment and contractors for different systems.

04.2010 - 06.2012 "Geotelecommunications", LLC
Chief Technology Officer
  • Responsible for all aspects of global IT planing, implementation and support.
  • Responsible for some aspects of global TV-service planing, implementation and support.
  • Monitoring market needs and prepare new actual technical solutions.
  • Design, developing any deploying new services and project, technical startups of new divisions.
  • Find perspective technical solution for company purposes and implement these solutions in new products. Prepare information for sales department about these new products.
  • Support the sales reps and specialists to identify the best solution for the customer's business.
  • Chief consultant on technology of CEO end Executive Team.
  • Managing global relationships with key vendors, consultants, licensees and affiliates.
  • Staff management: software developers and IT engineers.
  • Define motivation schemes and KPI for stuff.
  • Developing of customer support service for the new integrated services.
Key achievements:
  • Developing Call-centre platform for highloaded customer service department of Sattelite PayTV operator RadugaTV
  • Developing services according to requirements of Russian Education Law for service "Internet for Schools"
  • Developing of IPTV distribution platform.
  • Optimizing working processes to decreasing reaction time of IT department.
12.2009 - 03.2010 "Satis System", LLC
Head of IT department. Second job, part-time.
  • Startup project.
  • IT department creation.
  • Personnel training.
  • Writing instructions, manuals and cross-department regulations.
  • Creation of personnel motivation system.
  • 24/7 monitoring system development.
  • Running the project from scratch, drawing up a business plan, market analysis, budgeting, pricing, development of advertising campaigns, communication with potential clients.
  • Working with complicated equipment such as satellite HUBs, Cisco Routers and other
  • Modifying customer support procedures to improve quality and efficiency.
Key achievements:
  • Creation of IT service department with effective 24x7 support.
  • Describing and standartization of Business process in company.
  • Recovering services of Megafon-Altay sattelite transport network after total destruction.
01.2008 - 04.2010 "Geotelecommunications", LLC
Head of IT department
  • Creation of the working schedule and business plan for the department
  • Deploying Satellite two-way HUB for business-clients.
  • Development of project documentation
  • Meetings organization, presentations making, participating in conferences
  • Customer relationship control, customer training,
  • Participation in technological projects with satellite equipment.
  • Development of entire company network.
Key achievements:
  • Starting of self-made customer support system
  • Automatization of main working process with decreasing of personal load.
  • Developing and realization of backup and auto recovery schemes for whole network and services.
  • Developing and creation of global network monitoring system.
05.2006 - 01.2008 "Geotelecommunications", LLC
IT Engineer
  • Working with satellite equipment.
  • Working with Cisco switches and routers.
  • Working with FreeBSD and Linux servers.
  • Design and implementation of new client-oriented services.
  • Development of world-wide leased channels through different network operators.
  • Working with TV-channels equipment.
03.2005 - 05.2006 "Intellsoft", JSC
  • Chief architect of software modules of ERP-system "Intellsoft Vision" written on Borland Delphi.
  • Working with MSSQL (MS OLAP over ADO) and Oracle.
  • Network administrator.
  • Implementation of Borland's source code version control system.
08.2003 - 04.2005 "Alarm-Service", JSC
Network administrator
  • Network administration.
  • Support of corporate network and network servers (Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, FreeBSD, OS/2 Warp)
  • Workstation Support (Windows 2000).
  • Implementation and modification of ERP-system "AIS-Autoservice" based on IBM DB/2 database.
  • Working with telephone station.
  • Helpdesk.


Native Language - Russian
Czech for the B1 level
English, fluent

Core skills

  • Project management skills, budget planning, sociable, stress-resistable, team player, high organizational skills, self-training.
  • IP and Frame Relay networking.
  • Operating systems: FreeBSD (MPD, OpenVPN, IPSec, DHCP, mail, LDAP, Samba, Squid, Apache, MySQL etc.), Linux, MS Windows, OS/2 Warp.
  • Network equipment: Cisco 28xx, 29xx, 35xx, 37xx, 72xx (BGP, IPSec, QoS .), Comtech, Advantech.
  • Satellite equipment: iDirect and EMS SatNet satellite hubs.
  • Working with IP telephone stations and Call-center development.
  • Working with different TV-equipment such as Nevion Flashlink, IPTV Streamers and other.
  • Programming languages: Pascal, Delphi, C (for x86 platform and some microchips), C++, Assembler (up to x86 protected mode), Java Script (basic level), SQL, PHP, Perl.